Sprint 6 Retrospective

This week marked the end of the 6th sprint, and with this being the last one to write code and finish up our tasks it was very hectic. It was by far the most challenging sprint and also one of the most productive sprints as well. It was productive because we were able to wrap up the frontend and backend work, the challenges came when putting together the two. Trying to connect those two layers of the application really exposed lots of gaps in my knowledge that I would need to quickly fill up to have any hope of completing the tasks on time. Being more comfortable working on the backend I was able to get those tasks done relatively easily, but the front end is completely foreign. I had to learn about how UI components such as Checkboxes and Buttons work, how they get declared, and most difficult of all how to reference them and their values in the backend code. Working on this has given our team an even better understanding of how things fit together, and had we known that things would be this challenging before, we would’ve begun learning about all of this much sooner.

Like all of the other sprints, the team worked together very well. The work was very evenly divided and we communicated very well. Teamwork was a bigger part of this sprint than most of the others because we were each working on a different layer of the application. Even while working with all of these different moving parts, we were still able to quickly help each other out when errors and other issues came up with the application. Going forward we don’t plan on changing anything regarding teamwork. As for my own personal performance and participation, I think that I did pretty well. I tried to help out my teammates on some issues that they were having and reached out to them on mine.

As for what was done specifically, we added a checkbox that would allow you to choose whether you would save your credentials for later or not. I was in charge of the backend component which was essentially taking the boolean from the checkbox and setting up the logic to have it selectively call our new functionality or not. This had to be done while ensuring that the login logic that was already there still worked perfectly as before. Another one of my team members was in charge the the UI for the checkbox. We also had a team member working on writing some tests for this new functionality. Once that was done, lots of work was done on integrating all of these layers together and making sure that things work like we’d expect. While all of this was going on we also had other teammates working on documenting all of the work that was done, this in order to give a quick and concise summary of exactly what was done and how to use it.

That being said, this was a very successful sprint, there are still a few minor things to iron out but once complete, we will have a great product to show for it!

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